“But recall the former days in which, after you were illuminated, you endured a great struggle with sufferings” (Hebrews 10:32).

In the first seventeen chapters of Business by the Spirit, I trust that your mind has been illuminated by the Word of God so that you now understand the necessity of meditating on (thinking upon and confessing) the Word of God and doing all that is required by it in order to become successful in life because:

  • The way you think
  • Determines what you believe in your heart (Proverbs 23:7),
  • Which determines the way you talk (Mathew 12:34b),
  • Which determines what you have in life (Mark 11:23).

If you haven’t already started to do so, it is now time to begin applying these principles to make yourself prosperous and have good success.

When I first visited the nation of Russia in September of 2000, I had been in business for over thirty years, and had practiced many of the success principles included in Business by the Spirit, but I had never taught them to others.  The Russian Christians who'd been without both Christianity and capitalism for over seventy years literally begged me to teach them business principles.  I agreed to do so and struggled through several eight to twelve-hour business seminars using examples from my many years of business experience. Then over the next several years I refined and expanded this material into a two or three-day seminar. As I taught these seminars, God began to illuminate my mind, bringing back many principles He had taught me over the years and reminding me of a number of situations from which He had delivered me, and He began to give me new revelation concerning doing “business by the Spirit.”

Then boom! It seemed like all hell broke loose in my business! In a period of seven months my consulting firm lost two thirds of its net worth, and our new sales dropped to only forty-five percent of normal; my business was in serious trouble. I was traveling all over the world and teaching other people biblical business success principles and my own business was in serious trouble. Several months later as I was attending a Christian meeting the speaker turned to me and began to prophesy, “God has allowed you to go through painful experiences for the sake of the body of Christ, not because you have done anything wrong, but because you had to suffer this pain to acquire the level of depth in God…revelation and knowledge of God for the sake of the ecclesia (the body of Christ)… Opportunities will come upon your table but God says ‘it is because I can trust you, it is because I can trust you that I am giving you this teaching. I declare your seed blest, I declare your seed blest, strong in authority.”  If when you begin to apply the spiritual principles taught in Business by the Spirit, all hell breaks loose in your life, be encouraged!  You are on the right track!

Rick Renner, in his book Sparkling Gems from the Greek (1), tells us that Hebrews 10:32 could be taken to mean “… after you were illuminated, you endured a mega-sized ordeal that threw you into the biggest fight you ever faced in your life.  But the most critical part of the struggle resulted from the un-remitting assaults that literally battered your mind…”

Renner goes on to say, “You can be sure that if you take a stance of faith in response to a word you receive from God, every possible negative thought will come against your mind.  Not only will the devil try to use people and circumstances to thwart the plan, but he will also affect your mind with all kinds of negative thoughts and accusations.  He’ll do everything he can to talk you out of doing what God has called you to do…”  (1).

“If you’ve been in this place I'm talking about—or if this is exactly where you are right now—be encouraged! This is probably your clearest signal that you've received a real word from the Lord. You must be right on track, because the devil is terribly concerned about what will happen if you act on what God has revealed to you.

Don't back down.  Don’t surrender to the enemy's vicious lies in your mind, his attacks against your body, his challenges to your finances, or his assault on your relationships.  Regardless of how much resistance he tries to bring against you, don't you dare backup on the word God gave you! … “The fight you face is the greatest evidence you're on the right track! Just hang on, and don't give up! you are clearly headed in the right direction!”(1)

As you read the next chapter of Business by the Spirit you will see that Rick Renner’s exhortation very clearly described the fight of faith I experienced when I began to obey the Word of the Lord.  I wish I had had been able to refer to Renner’s exhortation from Sparkling Gems from the Greek when I was in the test.  It would have been a great encouragement to me, and I trust that by including it here it will be a great encouragement to you.

(1) Sparkling Gems From the Greek: Copyright © 2003 by Rick Renner
P.O. Box 702040 Tulsa, OK 74170-2040, (pg 49-50)