Many people in America have made the government their god, and they look to it to supply all their needs.  Our elected officials, wanting to gain favor with the electorate, have voted into law a number of programs which provide financial assistance to needy businesses and individuals, generally businesses or individuals who have suffered loss through some extraordinary financial reversal or natural disaster and have no other way of obtaining assistance from normal sources. But every year, thousands of distressed businesses and needy individuals go without the available government assistance. Some go without it because they don’t know that it is available; others go without it because they don’t know how to obtain it; and still others go without it because they have no faith that if they were to apply for it, they would receive it.

In order to receive financial assistance from the government of a nation it is generally necessary to be a citizen of that government, to know the laws that provide for the assistance, and to understand the system that administers that assistance. The same is true in the spiritual realm.  In order to effectively obtain assistance from kingdom of God, we must be citizens of that kingdom; we must know the laws and regulations that govern that kingdom; and we must understand the heavenly system that administers God’s laws and regulations.

Many will be tempted to ignore this chapter because it may not appear to provide immediate benefits to their personal or business life. But your lack of understanding of the world in which we live will hinder your ability to fully implement the seemingly more exciting spiritual principles and laws taught in the later chapters of this book.  In Part II “Understanding the World We Live In” you will learn:

  • How your education and your Darwinian-Freudian mind can negatively influence what you believe and restrict the development of the God kind of faith
  • That the theory of Intelligent Design is rapidly overtaking the theory of Darwinian Evolution
  • That the primary reason God wants you to prosper is to help the poor and populate heaven by spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to the whole earth
  • How a wrong understanding of the creation, the fall, and the redemption of mankind can negatively influence the development of your faith
  • That the Abrahamic Covenant and the blessings of Abraham that it promises are available to every Christian believer by faith