Doing “business by the Spirit” requires us to reprogram our minds, as one’s mind is the doorway to his spirit and to the development of the God kind of faith—the kind of faith which is required to live a successful, prosperous and fulfilled Christian life. The Apostle Paul said it this way, “…let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.” (Romans 12:2b NLT).  God has given us His word to get our thinking straightened out.

The Creator’s Handbook reveals a fascinating truth concerning the makeup of man that is unacceptable to the secular atheist world. It reveals that you and I are not physical beings; we are “eternal spirits” who have a soul (a mind, will and emotions) and live in a physical body. It further reveals that within the spirit of man dwells a spiritual sense, which lies largely dormant in most men and women. It is through this spiritual sense of faith that we contact the Creator and enlist His help in leading successful, fulfilled lives. By faith we see things that do not yet exist as clearly as if they did exist.

When you were born again, the Spirit of God moved into your spirit, and your “spirit man” (the real you) became a new creation, a new person who has a desire to believe God’s Word and obey His voice; but your mind and your body did not change. Your mind was trained by your body’s senses; it is carnal, it is body-ruled, it only believes what it sees, hears, feels, tastes and smells; and it is at odds with God’s Word. As long as your thinking is at odds with God’s Word, your believing will also be at odds with His Word, and it will cause you to speak negative, doubt-filled words, which will prevent you from receiving the promises of God.

In the opening chapters of this book, I share some of the difficulties which I and other business people experienced in transitioning from doing business according to worldly principles to doing business according to spiritual principles. We compare biblical success principles with secular success principles; and we emphasize the absolute necessity of disciplining your body and retraining your mind in order to purge your soul of the fear and negative emotions which are the primary cause of under achievement and failure in life.  We also point out that God has given us absolute control over only one thing—our will—and we must exercise our will if we are to be successful in life. We must take control of our thoughts, and reprogram our minds with the Word of God so that we think like God thinks.  He always believes victory and success, and so should you!

Since the new age human potential teachers have had so much to say concerning the power of the mind, and many Christians have been reluctant to say or teach anything that deals with the mind, for fear of being associated with these mind science religions. But the Word of God has a great deal to say about the mind and its relationship to the body and spirit, and therefore we should not neglect its instruction on this very important subject.

I have also considered it necessary to include an entire chapter dealing with new age, success motivation books and seminars that accompany many secular business training courses. I have even observed these same books being sold by some Christian book sellers. Many immature Christians have also become innocently involved in reading these books and attending these seminars, thinking that they are Christian-based because they quote principals from the Christian - Judeo Bible, but unfortunately they generally mix these Christian principles with those of Buddhism, Hinduism, and other religious doctrines.