How is it Organized?

Business by the Spirit is organized into six parts.

Part 1 - “Getting Started in the Spirit” describes the changes I and others had to make in the way we thought and talked in order that the biblical laws of success could successfully operate in our lives and our businesses.

Part 2 – “The World We Live In” relates the struggle that my Darwinian – Freudian education posed to walking by faith in God’s Word, reveals Gods purpose for prospering his people, describes five major biblical events that establish a Christian's right to prosperity, and stresses the importance of the Abrahamic Covenant to your spiritual and physical success.

Part 3 – “Our Lives Are Governed by Laws” presents five spiritual laws that affect your life and business success, and how your hope establishes the goal for your success in fulfilling the plan of God for your life.

Part 4 – “Putting God’s Plan into Action” shares how I and others have put the principals mastered in earlier chapters into practice. It describes a major financial test I experienced in my business, as well as explains our spiritual authority in the area of finances, how to activate the angels to work on your behalf, how the gifts of the Spirit can give you witty ideas, and finally, how being led by the Spirit of God in making business decisions is so very important.

Part 5 – “ Know the Condition of Your Flocks” explains that giving to God's work and exercising faith in God is not a magic get-rich scheme to replace study, the development of business skills, and hard work. Here we discuss the importance of understanding your financial statements, controlling your debt, and saving and investing a portion of your income to obtain the working capital.  We also relay available opportunities to increase your wealth, as well as issues to consider in increasing your wealth.

Part 6 – “Dealing with the Issues of Life” expounds on the idea that, according to the Creator's Handbook (the Bible), God has created mankind as an eternal spirit who has a soul (mind, will and emotions) and lives in a body (1Thessalonians 5:23). Your spirit will never die--the dwelling place of your spirit after the death of your body is the most important issue that you will ever decide. Perhaps you have never understood the term “born again” and you are not really sure that if you were die tonight that you would go to heaven. If you have never contemplated and settled this issue, this chapter is included just for you. All the wealth in the world will be meaningless if you have not properly decided this issue.

Why was this book written?

For whom was it intended?