Bob Bignold
Robert W. Bignold

Robert W. Bignold was the President and CEO of THE ORB Organization, a successful Seattle-based architectural, planning and engineering firm, for more than thirty-five years until he sold it in January of 2006. He still works as a consultant to his former company, where he acts as the design manager on a $120 million project they are designing for the Corps of Engineers in Fairbanks, Alaska. He is also the owner of Renton West Inc., a real estate investment firm.

Mr. Bignold graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering. Following graduation from the University, he was commissioned an officer in the U.S. Army and served two years with the 76th Engineering Construction Battalion in the Nation of Korea. Mr Bignold rose to the rank of captain before leaving the Army for civilian life.

He is a former International Director of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International and currently serves as a National President of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America.

Robert is a dynamic teacher, speaker and writer whose goal is to mentor young businessmen and women, sharing the spiritual business principles he has learned during his thirty years of experience as a Christian businessman, as well as helping them to get started right in life and business. Robert and his wife Barbara travel regularly to various nations of the world ministering in the Word and the Spirit. In the last five years Bob has taught Business by the Spirit in the nations of Russia, Uganda, Nigeria, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, and the United States. He has also spoken in churches and business groups in England, Wales, and Germany. Bob believes the marketplace is full of men and women who have the gifts of God within them, but don’t recognize their gifts, including those who recognize their gifts but are often hindered from using them because of the ecclesiastical mentality of the western church. Bob’s goal is to help these individuals find their gifts, train them to apply the spiritual business and ministry principles he has learned, and to release their gifts and change the world they live in. He desires that every man and woman of God learn how to live a successful life though application of the Word and the Spirit in their lives.